Based on EyP‘s experience in consulting and advisory services in various sectors, we offer solutions to our clients based on the following premises::


  • An assessment which clearly identifies the specific needs of the company for the processing and legalization of the different administrative records related to the mining project or for other matters for which it requires external advice.


  • A service which is compatible with and complementary to the human and technical resources available to companies interested in contracting this assistance.


  • Assistance which aims, on the one hand, to provide the company’s management team with decision tools and to determine the strategy to follow; and on the other, to
    cover the development and revision of the documents to be presented and processed before the administrations. The company’s management team and the technicians participating in the project are also supported by having meetings with the different administrations involved, the interest groups, etc. This is all based on EyP’s experience in these types of activities.