About Us

EyP The quality of service at your fingertips.

EyP was born with the objective of providing its clients with a comprehensive, quality service of technical advice for mining and industrial engineering, civil engineering and the environment.
About Us

EyP is a firm founded by a group of professionals with a lengthy professional background and extensive experience in mining, civil engineering, industry, training and the environment, both nationally and internationally.
This group of professionals identify their clients’ need to access a comprehensive and quality consulting service for the development of their business projects and to continue the day-to-
day management of these projects.

Founded in January 2010, EyP opened its first office in Pamplona, with the aim of centralizing different services in the field of industrial, mining and environmental engineering, as well as consultancy and training which were requested by its founding partners’ various clients. EyP designs, develops and supplies cutting-edge solutions in mining and industrial engineering, civil engineering, environment and consulting and training.

Our team has highly qualified professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the fields of training and consulting, management of associations and collectives, legal advice, mining and industrial engineering, civil engineering and the environment, and other services such as translation.
We also have a group of regular outside collaborators who provide extensive knowledge and lengthy experience in the EyP’s areas of work.
This team is made up of people with degrees in::

  • Biology
  • Geology
  • Mining Engineering
  • Chemical engineering
  • Industrial engineer
  • Law degree
  • Degree in Chemical Sciences