Environmental technical assistance to companies and public administrations


EyP is a company which specializes in environmental consultancy and advice and, as part of its services, it has the Technical Environmental Assistance aimed at the different Public Administrations (Central, Autonomous Communities and City Halls), as well as public, mixed and private companies.


With this service, EyP offers an effective response to the needs of the different departments of Environment and Urbanism of the local, regional and national Administrations, as well as of private promoters.


Elaboration of Environmental Impact Studies and Environmental Reports


The experience of EyP in the development of Environmental Impact Studies, environmental reports and environmental evaluations has caused the company to become a technical team who are capable of making important decisions related to the distribution of new areas of development and, above all, of studying the territory in an integrative and exhaustive way using team of people made up of specialists from different environmental branches that form a unit of study suitable for this type of project, its development and its achievement.


Unique surveys in the Environmental field


The company EyP, aware of the development of environmental legislation in recent years, is aware that it is increasingly necessary for technicians specializing in the environment field to be present in the legal field. Mediante nuestros técnicos podemos aportar nuestros conocimientos, habilidades y experiencia para ayudar a determinar la gravedad y las características de las afecciones ambientales.


Through our technicians, we can contribute our knowledge, skills and experience to help determine the severity and characteristics of environmental conditions.


Environmental Restoration Plans


Since its commencement, EyP has been heavily involved in the development of environmental restoration plans and projects.

Elaboration of integral and sustainable waste management projects

EyP is a consultancy firm specializing in the development of comprehensive and sustainable waste management projects, the development of these projects is done using the knowledge of the current legislation, and follows a study by qualified technicians of the various options, which guarantees our customers the best solution to their problems, at the lowest possible cost.


ISO 14.001


EyP is a consultancy firm specializing in the implementation of Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001, EMAS)


The EYP consultant guarantees that the certificate or the accreditation will be obtained, given our experience in systems implementation, internal audits and assistance in external audits of implementation and control.